Alan Chambers Is Ready To Start Over

Posted yesterday by CBN Online:

Right now only a remnant remain at the old Exodus offices in Orlando, but its leaders hope that the so-called death of this organization will result in the birth of a movement that starts a fresh conversation on faith and sexuality. “It’s a brand-new organization at this point,” Chambers admitted, “with no support, no funding and yet, I’m more excited than I am anything.”

In the meantime, a new umbrella group, Restored Hope Network, is seeking to serve the original mission of Exodus by focusing on change for those who want it. It has 19 ministry affiliates, all formerly associated with Exodus, around the country. For many in the Church, this summer is a time to recover after a tumultuous last several months.

Between the Boy Scout’s recent decision to include gay Scouts, the closing of Exodus, and the Supreme Court rulings on DOMA and Proposition 8, many who support traditional marriage have felt overwhelmed. But for Chambers, despite an empty building and a dream that has died, it’s the perfect time to start over and engage a country that’s perhaps more divided than ever on this issue.

(Tipped by JMG reader Chris)