Tony Perkins Cheers Amendment To Allow Harassment Of Gay Service Members

“Fortunately, Congress is as frustrated with the hypocrisy as the rest of us. Yesterday, thanks a marathon mark-up on the Defense Authorization bill, sleepy members didn’t make it home until 2 a.m.– in part because they were so intent on passing a series of religious protections. Rep. John Fleming (R-La.), the author of one such amendment, urged his colleagues to help end the wave of anti-Christian attacks.  By a 33-26 vote, the Committee gave the green light to Fleming’s measure, which stops the Pentagon from restricting religious speech — except in cases of ‘military necessity.’ Congressman Walter Jones (R-N.C.) added another layer of protection by introducing (and later passing) language that allows chaplains to pray ‘in Jesus’s name.’ The only faith-related amendment that failed was Rep. Robert Andrews’s (D-N.J.), which would have created a special chapter of ‘atheist chaplains.’ Apparently, members thought the idea was as inane as the rest of us and killed it by a 43-18 vote.” – Hate group leader Tony Perkins, via email.

NOTE: The details of the amended defense bill are here.