Purity Ball Tickets: $69

For a mere $69 each, fathers and their virginal teen daughters can cavort at a grand Purity Ball which will culminate in a celebration of intact hymens.

Dads, escort your daughter to an unforgettable event where hundreds of young ladies dressed in formal attire and their dashing fathers will celebrate purity! This extraordinary evening includes an elegant atmosphere, pictures, gourmet dinner and dessert, flowers, music and other surprises sure to delight both father and daughter. Legacy’s President and popular speaker, Carrie Abbott, will deliver a unique message to dads and daughters and our Master of Ceremonies will facilitate a purity covenant.

From the FAQ page:

Will fathers/daughters feel comfortable at the Purity Ball if they don’t regularly attend church? Answer: Yes! In fact this would be a great opportunity to expose pre-Christian friends to the love of Jesus Christ in a non-threatening way. It will be an uplifting event for all who attend!

Pre-Christian. That’s a new one. Source.