Naked Acrobat Terrorizes BART Riders

The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

A video emerged Monday depicting a bizarre incident at a San Francisco BART station last month, with a naked man accosting several passengers and doing flips, handstands, the splits and other gymnastic maneuvers on the BART turnstiles. The video, recorded May 10 by a BART station agent at the 16th Street Mission Station, shows the man lunge at and attack several passengers, and at one point pound the ground while passengers step gingerly around him.

The video also shows a BART maintenance worker trying to block the man from getting close to passengers. The station agent recording the video helps one woman, who is visibly distressed, hide from the man in the booth. “Oh my God, I cannot believe that,” the station agent is heard saying as the man does a handstand. The man was identified by BART police as 24-year-old Yeiner Garizabalo. Friends said Tuesday he goes by Yeiner Perez and is a dedicated acrobat and performer. The episode, they said, was strongly out of character.

The man was arrested and held for a psychiatric examination. The BART worker was given a day off with pay and treated to dinner by supervisors.  The union for BART employees is using the below video, which has gone viral with almost 300K views in 24 hours, as part of their ongoing contract negotiations regarding job hazards.  Nudity ahead.