Manhattan Declaration On SCOTUS

Via press release:

Should the Supreme Court affirm the meaning and purpose of marriage, we will breathe a sigh of relief. But we won’t be satisfied. If the Supreme Court rejects the time-honored purpose of marriage, it will be because the court — like many of our friends, neighbors and colleagues — has lost the meaning of marriage and its civic importance.

We will have no one to blame but ourselves. It will be our fault for failing to nurture and protect marriage, for looking the other way as rampant divorce, infidelity and sexual impurity chipped away at our moral authority. It took generations to erode marriage and family, with disastrous consequences. Restoration may take just as long.

No matter this week’s rulings, we will rededicate ourselves to renewing in American culture the profound beauty, mystery and holiness of faithful marriage. We will be patient in the light of any setbacks. And, in the end, we will succeed — if we do not give up.

NOTE: Much like the statement issued last week by over 200 anti-gay and religious groups, signers of the Manhattan Declaration vow to disobey laws that grant civil equality to LGBT Americans.