MA Hate Group Demands Red Sox Cancel Pride Night At Fenway Park

Right Wing Watch points us to a campaign by MassResistance, one of the most vile anti-gay hate groups in the nation, which is calling on its supporters to deluge the Red Sox with demands for the cancellation of tonight’s Pride Night at Fenway Park, where recently out NBA player Jason Collins is scheduled to throw out the first pitch.

The Red Sox have been around long enough to know that “Pride Week” in Boston is a hideous, obscene, and outright disgusting display of perverse activities. (Plus, in recent years, more young people have been drawn in through Boston Pride’s management of Massachusetts Youth Pride every May.) And the Boston Red Sox organization are not only going to celebrate it at their ballpark, but will be financially supporting it from their ticket sales. Several people have reported back to us that when they call, the Red Sox staffers tell them that the Sox are NOT celebrating “Gay Pride Day.” They’re also telling people that it’s only about “supporting tolerance.” To claim that it’s not connected with “Gay Pride Week” is simply a lie. One only needs to see all the advertising that’s been generated about this sordid event. Don’t let them get away with that!

MassResistance plans to appear outside the stadium to hand out anti-gay fliers and tell baseball fans that they’re all going to hell for supporting perversion. Or something.