Headline Of The Day

The word, as most of you surely know, was “bigger.”  NPH only sang it about 30 times during the opening number. The above screen grab is from TMZ.  Here is the report from OMG Yahoo:

A headline splashed across The Daily Mail on Monday morning questioned whether Harris said the “n-word” during his opening performance with Mike Tyson. The U.K. publication even posted the alleged lyrics: “In tandem like we planned ’em, forgive me if it’s random but Mike Tyson had a one man show let’s give the man a hand/ And make things bigger, like bigger/ I’m here with Iron Mike Tyson he’s a heavyweight yo/We’re going bigger, is I his n***a.”

The Daily Mail has slunk away and deleted their post without apology but the teaser headline remains. The actual line was “the night is bigger.”