Frigide Barjot: Clement Meric Would Be Alive If France Hadn’t Legalized Marriage

“This extreme fight is the result of a power that for nine months has
refused to listen to the French people.  The President has caused
extremism to grow by passing a law that the French didn’t want, and in a
manner that was authoritarian and undemocratic.  When we refuse to act
like a democracy, extremism grows. In a way, you could say that there
was a death because of this denial of democracy.

“The President and Pierre Bergé, who financed Mr. Holland and is also a leader and a great financier of the LGBT community, are inciting violence against people protesting legitimately, not against homosexuals, but against the anthropological change of society. I condemn the violence and I condemn the remarks of Mr. Bergé.  I did not participate in the last [Manif Pour Tous] event, because I feared that the right-wing factions that have threatened me would be there and disrupt peaceful protesters.” – Former Manif Pour Tous leader Frigide Barjot, actually blaming the murder of 18 year-old activist Clement Meric on the legalization of gay marriage.  (Via AmericanBlog)

NOTE: Clement Meric died today after being beaten into brain-death yesterday by anti-gay neo-Nazis who allegedly belong to the group that marched with Manif Pour Tous on May 26th.  Earlier today Barjot threatened to sue gay marriage activist Pierre Bergé for implicating her group in Meric’s murder. Manif Pour Tous has been repeatedly praised by NOM president Brian Brown, who appeared at one of their anti-gay events earlier this year.  NOM remains silent on the murder of Clement Meric.

NOTE II: Barjot’s quote above comes via Google Translate. French speakers are invited to visit the original source and provide corrections.