Another Anti-Gay Osmonds Rally

The Osmond Family will host yet another anti-gay rally in Utah and this one features notorious crackpot liar “historian” David Barton.  LGBT ally and marriage equality supporter Marie Osmond, of course, has nothing to do with these events and denounced the last one. And it appears that for the next one, the Osmond Family is expecting trouble from the gays:

DISCLAIMER: This is a private event. We reserve the right to remove persons who are disrupting the event. No signs, costumes or public displays of affection will be allowed. Your payment to reserve your seat is your authorization of agreement to these terms.

The hosts are Alan Osmond and his wife Suzanne, the Mormon-focused Meridian Magazine, and asshat House Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT). (Tipped by JMG reader Dave)