WEDNESDAY: First French Gay Wedding

France will see its first same-sex wedding on Wednesday.

On Wednesday May 29, Vincent Autin and Bruno Boileau from Montpellier will become the first gay couple to marry in France, at City Hall of Montpellier on Wednesday, May 29, Time TBA , 1 Place Georges Frêche. Vincent, 40 and Boileau, 30, met 7 years ago through their love of music. Both are fans of singer Christophe Willem and were members of the an online fan forum. Three of the ten members of the fan club decided to meet in Paris, two of them happened to be Vincent and Boileu. Vincent and Boileu hit it off right away. The third member of the fan club left them at the restaurant where they continued to talk. The next day, they met again, and their love for each other has been growing strong ever since.

More about the couple (in French) can be read here.