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Men outnumber women in the armed forces by almost 10-1, but the right wing is going nuts over a recently-released study which shows that more men than women have reported sexual assaults.  The numbers have risen because because the military has been encouraging victims to make reports. Anti-gay weirdo and Porno Pete’s BFF Judith Reisman writes for World Net Daily:

Why is the best-kept military secret that most soldierly sexual assaults are now definitively homo, not heterosexual, male-on-male sexual exploitation? The corporate dictionary definition of “sexual assault” is “to knowingly cause another person to engage in an unwanted sexual act by force or threat; ‘most states have replaced the common law definition of rape with statutes defining sexual assault.’”

While men are statistically more loathe to report their sexual victimization than are women, 10,700 male soldiers, sailors and airmen in 2010 actually reported their sexual assaults. What this means is not totally clear, since men are cannot technically be raped, despite the term being regularly used in the recent hearings on the matter.

The Washington Times reported “The Defense Department estimates 19,000 sexual assaults occur each year, but only 17 percent are ever reported. In 2010 … 8,600 victims [who reported were female, an incredible 4 percent of the women in the military that year], and 10,700 victims were male, reported the Service Woman’s Action Network.”

Bolding is mine. Reisman, who acknowledges that some of the sexual assault reports are likely the result of hazing, goes on to blame (of course) the repeal of DADT and the availability of gay porn.

The politically correct Naval report ignores the Big Porn Elephant in the room as normalizing the rapes of women and the homosexist assaults on fellow servicemen. While “heterosexual” pornography has commonly been used to arouse and then seduce “straights” into homosexual sex, “gay” pornography is widely available in mainstream homosexist publications like The Advocate Classified. And, buff, “straight” military men are regularly depicted there as preferred, sexual targets.

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