Concerned Women Head Penny Nance: Atheism Brought The Holocaust

Concerned Women head Penny Nance is super concernstipated because Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx endorsed the National Day Of Reason, an atheist response to this week’s National Day Of Prayer. Earlier this week President Obama nominated Foxx to be Secretary of Transportation. Via Crooks And Liars:

When normal people think of the Enlightenment, they think of Newton, Locke, Voltaire, Spinoza, Montesquieu, Goethe, Paine, Jefferson — and the ideas that helped launch the American Revolution. When crazy right-wing Christians think of the Enlightenment, they apparently think of…Nazis. See what happens when you advance science, cast off the monarchy and separate church from state? Hitler. Sure, it sounds crazy — but Nance’s rant is of a piece to what Rick Santorum said during the presidential campaign.

(Tipped by JMG reader Ted)