ORLANDO: Rainbow Merchandise Appears In Disney World Shops For Gay Days

Disney has always rebuffed complaints about Gay Days by pointing out that the events are unofficial and that everybody is welcome to enjoy their parks. The Orlando Sentinel points out that this year rainbow-themed official Disney items have appeared in the parks’ gift shops.

Earlier this week, Disney began to sprinkle merchandise throughout its parks with designs including rainbows, symbol of the gay-pride movement. Red tank tops with rainbow-colored Mickey Mouse heads began arriving in shops along Main Street USA a few days ago. They were paired in store displays with other rainbow items usually found in the parks year-round, such as rainbow pins and antenna toppers. A rainbow mug can be had for $12.95; a rainbow wallet for $14.95. Mickey Mouse Vinylmations in rainbow — $12.95 apiece — were also prominently displayed. “We offer a wide range of merchandise items that appeal to guests of diverse backgrounds,” said Walt Disney World spokeswoman Bernadette Davis.

Haters are pouring into the comments at the above link, of course. Gay Days are this weekend.