Hackers Hit Westboro Baptist

Hackers hit one of Westboro’s sites yesterday. Via Mashable:

The Christian fundamentalist group, notorious for its “God Hates Fags” protests, launched a website on Monday called GodHatesOklahoma.com, just hours after a mile-wide tornado hit the town of Moore, Okla., and killed 24 people. The site didn’t last long. Whatever content was originally published — presumably a rant about how America’s “sins” are being chastised, per the group’s usual protests — was hacked and replaced by a photo of Jesus Christ giving the middle finger, along with the message, “Westboro Faptist Church — Even Jesus Hates You.” (Faptist being a reference to the word “fap,” Internet slang for “masturbate”).Moments later, then, visitors were taken to a Red Cross donation site for victims of the storm.