BRITAIN: Gay Tory MP Charged With Rape

Openly gay Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons Nigel Evans was arrested yesterday and charged with one count of rape and one count of sexual assault after complaints were filed by two men. Evans has been released on bail.

“Yesterday, I was interviewed by the police concerning two complaints, one of which dates back four years, made by two people who are well known to each other and until yesterday, I regarded as friends,” Evans said in a statement to the media outside his home. “The complaints are completely false and I cannot understand why they have been made, especially as I have continued to socialise with one as recently as last week.

“I appreciate the way the police have handled this in such a sensitive manner and I would like to thank my colleagues, friends and members of the public who have expressed their support and, like me, a sense of incredulity at these events.” His solicitor said afterwards that Evans was not intending to resign either as deputy speaker or as a member of parliament. Evans revealed he was gay in 2010, eight years after he was elected, saying he was “tired of living a lie”.