BRITAIN: Gay Magazine Editor And Partner Gay-Bashed In London Park

The editor of a British gay online magazine and his partner were gay-bashed by a mob of six men last night as they walked home from dinner through London’s Betts Park.  Gay Star News reports:

The couple was intercepted by a group of six men, who started speeding up and following the couple down the path. [Christopher] Bryant told GSN that as soon as they started running, the men started running as well, and first caught his partner Damon. He told GSN: ‘It all went down so fast.’ When Bryant doubled-back to get the attackers off his partner, they beat him to the ground, kicking his face and saying ‘stay down faggot’. Bryant said that every time he tried to look up, his attackers would kick him in the face and said ‘don’t try anything’.

The attackers also stole Bryant’s wallet and phone and warned the couple to stay on the ground for five minutes or they’d be killed. Police examined the park’s surveillance tapes but were “unable to track the suspects leaving the park.”