Today In Christian Love™

During his interview with crackpot Alan Keyes, yesterday Christian radio host Stan Solomon said:

“I can’t stand the thought, the idea, the concept of homosexuality. I don’t think I’m showing love for anyone if I encourage them or enable them or stand silently while they do something that’s going to kill them; the average homosexual lives half the adult life of the average heterosexual. FACT. FACT. Now, if you love someone, do you enable, encourage them, or stand silently by while they do drugs, while they smoke, while they drive while drunk? Hell no!”

Right Wing Watch notes that Keyes, who infamously threw his own lesbian daughter out of their home, responds in agreement.  Watch the clip.

RELATED: In 2010 Solomon resigned from the US House campaign of Marvin Scott after Bil Browning published numerous anti-gay tweets in which he said loving Christian things like “GAY = Got AIDS Yet?” Browning noted at the time that Solomon has also called for the murder of abortion providers.  Solomon’s website sells crackpot items like colloidal silver and books by Randall Terry.