Tea Party Leader: Pray That GOD Confuses SCOTUS Or We’ll Go To Jail

“Now I am fully aware that the Left monitors our calls and I have no doubt that I likely will be the subject of derision for saying something like this, but I’m praying at best God will confuse the minds of our Supreme Court that they’ll simply, as Bob alluded, punt on the issue of standing and give you and I a little more time to start getting our politics right. The very first thing Obama did when he got elected president was pass hate crimes legislation inclusive of sexual orientation. The laws are now on the books to prosecute preachers who have the audacity to say in pubic what I just said from their pulpits. You will find them armed with this Supreme Court ruling, if its adverse, then rounding up anyone who says otherwise and prosecuting, perhaps with fines at first but finally with jail and imprisonment. And the laws are now, at least the foundation of laws through hate crimes legislation is in place to bring full-scale persecution on those of us who stand for truth.” – Rick Scarborough, speaking on a Tea Party Unity conference call. (Via Right Wing Watch)