Quote Of The Day – Jim Robinson

“When your godless Marxist president and his thuggish fascist cabinet
officers and his entire godless liberty-hating socialist democrat party
and sicko sycophant complicit leftist mainstream media and the
god-hating, constitution-twisting black-robed socialist liberal activist
judges continue conspiring to promote homosexualism and perversion as
not only normal but a healthy, wholesome, desirable activity and way of
life and then force it into the curriculum of even our youngest school
children, that is tyranny!

“When your constitution-loathing,
Liberty-hating Marxist president and his constitution-loathing fascist
cabinet thugs declare that the president can pick and choose which laws
to enforce and which he can ignore, that is tyranny! And we
the liberty-loving American citizens, my friends, are armed to the
teeth and we will remain armed to the teeth and we will remain vigilant
and ready. Coiled like a rattlesnake and ready to strike. DON’T TREAD ON ME!!” – Free Republic founder Jim Robinson, writing from his government-supplied wheelchair.