Hawaiian Court Rules In Favor Of Lesbian Couple Turned Away From B&B

Yesterday a Hawaiian court ruled in favor of a lesbian couple that was turned away from a bed & breakfast.  Via Lambda Legal:

In today’s ruling, the Court found that Aloha Bed & Breakfast violated the state public accommodations law, and also ordered Aloha Bed & Breakfast to stop its ongoing business practice of discriminating against same-sex couples. Cervelli and Bufford were traveling to visit a close friend and her newborn baby in Hawai‘i Kai. When they contacted the business, the owner wanted to know whether Cervelli and Bufford were lesbians. When they answered truthfully, the owner refused to provide accommodations because they were a lesbian couple. During a subsequent HCRC investigation, the owner admitted that she turned the couple away because they were lesbians, stating that she believed same-sex relationships are “detestable” and that they “defile our land.”

The above-linked press release does not say what punishment the business might face.