DE Sen. Brian Bushweller Backs Marriage

“As you may know, HB 75 passed the House of Representatives
on April 23 and will now come to the Senate for consideration.  When
the roll is called in the Senate, I will be voting yes. Where I disagree with the opponents of HB 75 is that I
believe same sex, civil marriage is not a threat to the family. 
Rather, it can help strengthen the family.  As I stated when the
General Assembly passed the civil union bill two years ago, to the
extent we can encourage longevity, stability and commitment in
relationships as described above, marriage and families will benefit. 
We should be promoting these kinds of relationships, not denying them.” – Delaware Sen. Brian Bushweller, in a letter to his constituents.  Bushweller’s support may push the Senate over into the win column for marriage equality. (Tipped by JMG reader Steve)