Quote Of The Day – Frank Bruni

“The Supreme Court cases and their resolutions indeed matter. If the
court doesn’t dismantle the Defense of Marriage Act, there’s no telling
how many more years will pass before this repugnant 1996 law tumbles in
some other way and before gay and lesbian couples married in states that
allow such weddings are treated equally under federal law. 
“And the court could, in its ruling on the constitutionality of a
California ban against same-sex marriage, hasten the spread of marriage
equality beyond those nine states and the District of Columbia. For now
the count builds slowly, through time-consuming, patience-fraying,
expensive legislative and referendum battles, and a matter of basic
fairness is beholden to local politics and pockets of enduring bigotry. 
“But fairness is where we’re heading, at least in regard to marriage,
which has emerged as the terrain on which Americans are hashing out
their feelings about gays and lesbians. The trajectory is undeniable.
The trend line is clear. And the choice before the justices is whether
to be handmaidens to history, or whether to sit it out.” – Frank Bruni, writing for the New York Times.