Quote Of The Day – Father Tony Adams

“Because there are no overtly gay-friendly cardinals on earth, when the
115 voting-age scarlet princes glided into the Sistine chapel to select
from their ranks a new pope, hopes were slim that gay Catholics would
benefit from the conclave. When the chosen one stepped out onto the
balcony of Saint Peter’s basilica, it was clear that the haze of white
smoke over the crowd in the piazza was laced with carbon monoxide
smuggled in from Argentina and lethal to gay Catholics.  Unless the new
Pope Francis does some serious backpedaling from his anti-gay words and
record in Buenos Aires, the ‘Extra Omnes’ [Everybody out!] that is
intoned when the doors to the conclave are locked will never be an
exhortation to gay Catholics to feel free to come out of their closets
and to share love openly.” – Father Tony Adams, writing for South Florida Gay News.

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