Pro-Gay Harlem Coffee Shop Gets Flack From Customer For Marriage Support

Yesterday the Harlem coffee shop Chipped Cup put out their daily chalkboard with a drawing of the now-famous red equal sign and the message “Peace, love, equality.” That made one customer super angry. Via New York Magazine:

When a neighbor informed [owners] Ding and Cantor they had just lost a customer with their political stance, the coffee shop’s owners wrote back, “Thank goodness.” That’s when things started to get a latte worse. “GO FUCK YOURSELF,” the user fired back. (The post has since been deleted.) “You asked for it now. Get ready for some publicity!” The user also apparently posted a one-star review/PSA on Yelp. “The owners here are trying to cram their political agenda down your throat,” the user wrote. Because, you know, a sidewalk chalkboard with two horizontal pink lines drawn on it is tantamount to ideological force-feeding.

The customer first posted the below tweet then followed up with a similar barrage with supporters of Chipped Cup which curiously includes the claim that she never said she’s against same-sex marriage. Her Twitter profile claims that she’s a “pianist in the opera world” (that might prove problematic) and contains the hashtag #TCOT, which stands for “top conservatives on Twitter.”

The moral of this story, as it appears from Dahlhalla’s twitter exchanges is that coffee shops must be condemned for expressing opinions and that anybody who disagrees is a fascist trying to silence her opinions. But what can you expect from a CPAC attendee? Anyway, if you’re up in Harlem, show some love to Chipped Cup on Broadway between 148th & 149th.

UPDATE: We may be dealing with a homocon. This tweet was deleted almost as soon as it was sent.