NYC To Get 96-Story Condo Tower

The 79-story One Carnegie isn’t finished yet, but its claim as the city’s tallest residential building will be short-lived because 432 Park (rendering above) will be even taller at 96 stories. That will give it the national record, eclipsing Chicago’s 92-story Trump Tower.

The building, known as 432 Park, has a total asking price for its 126 units of $2.7 billion, according to a filing this week with the New York attorney general. That amount reflects a 13% increase over July and is the highest total asking price ever for a Manhattan condominium. The building’s average asking price of $6,742 a foot also is near the top. When finished in 2015, the Rafael Viñoly-designed tower will rise 1,396 feet, making it the tallest residential building in the U.S. The exterior features 1,800 glass windows, each measuring about 100 square feet, that are part of every apartment.

Unit prices range from a paltry $20M to the $86M penthouse.  The world’s tallest apartment building is Dubai’s Princess Tower at 100 stories, but much taller buildings are under construction in the Middle East and Asia.

RELATED: Very tall buildings are typically constructed to sway in the wind at 1/500th of their height.  Toronto’s CN Tower, for example, reports a sway of  “three feet, four inches from center” at the Sky Pod observation deck level. I have a friend who has to retreat to the lobby of his 37 floor Jersey City apartment building because the sway makes him occasionally seasick. I wonder how he’d do at the top of 432 Park, where the sway might be more than two feet.