NY Post Slams Gay Left

Noting the criticism of Sen. Rob Portman’s reversal on marriage from the left, the New York Post today published an editorial titled “When Yes Isn’t Enough.”

Never mind that embracing gay marriage in the GOP carries a risk while it’s completely safe for a Democrat. Or that another prominent flip-flopper on the issue — Barack Obama — also invoked personal experience (conversations with his daughters about friends with same-sex parents). Or that a good part of the effort to persuade opponents to shift has been based on the slogan, “We are your children.” Jimmy LaSalvia, executive director of the conservative gay-rights group GOProud, explains the attacks on Portman this way: “It just goes to show that the gay left hates conservatives no matter what their position on marriage.” We’ll leave it at this: What kind of activist asks people to have a change of heart, and then berates them when they do?

The Post and LaSalvia conveniently fail to note that Portman’s support also came with a call for the Supreme Court to “stay out” of marriage equality.  Since LaSalvia is a Tenther, we presume that he feels the same way.