NARTH Loses Tax Exempt Status

Warren Throckmorton reports:

In September 2012, the tax exempt status of the National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) was revoked due to failure to file Form 990 for three consecutive years. The notice of revocation was yesterday according to the IRS website. NARTH’s website advises prospective donors that their donations will be tax deductible but it appears such deductions after September 15, 2012 may not be allowed. It is difficult to know what this means. NARTH has never been a wealthy organization and conference attendance has declined in recent years.

NARTH is possibly the most vile of all anti-gay hate groups and is responsible for spreading the lie that gay men die 20 years early.  The group was co-founded by Charles Socarides, father of gay rights activist and former Clinton White House aide Richard Socarides.