More On The IL House Head Count

The anti-gay Illinois Review blog claims that we’re still ten votes short in the Illinois House.

As marriage redefinition proponents and opponents lobby legislators, it seems like the same sex marriage bill (SB 10) may be 10 votes short in the Illinois House. The bill’s sponsor, Democrat State Rep. Greg Harris needs 60 votes to make gay marriage the new law of the land. Governor Pat Quinn has already committed to signing the bill.  Natural, or traditional, marriage forces continue to pressure lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to oppose SB 10. Robo-calls are being made by Family PAC, while door-to-door district walks, material distribution, and church demonstrations are being organized by Illinois Family Action.

Hit the link, check out their rundown of each House member’s position, and contact your rep. (Tipped by JMG reader John)