More Gay Sniping In Venezuela

“If I were gay I’d take ownership of it with pride
and shout it to the four winds and I would have no problem loving whoever I had to love
with my heart. Because the worst homophobe is one who is
gay and discriminates against his own.

It’s similar to a foreman in a slave-owner’s farm. A black traitor who
whips an African man’s back. That’s the worst homophobe: He who denies
his identity and discriminates against his equals. We introduced a
constitutional amendment to acknowledge their existence and the supreme
respect the nation has towards our sexually diverse brothers and sisters
– and our opponents and the right called for a vote against that
amendment.” – Interim Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, firing back at homophobia charges by opposition candidate Henrique Capriles by again hinting that Capriles is gay. At the link, Andres Duque points out that Capriles did not oppose the above-cited amendment.  The election is April 14th.

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