It’s 1973 For Marriage

“If you could go back to 1973, would you participate in a march to save
society from the scourge of abortion? Would you go to Washington to
show the Supreme Court that you are one of a multitude of people who are
demanding that they not use our constitution to create a great moral
and civic wrong? If we lose the Perry case, or the companion Windsor v United States
case challenging the federal Defense of Marriage Act, the damage to the
country will be severe. Soon, people of faith who believe in marriage
as God designed it will be targeted for punishment. Then the government
will use all its power to indoctrinate children into accepting this new
view of marriage as a genderless institution that exists for the
pleasure and satisfaction of adults. Over time, marriage will lose its
meaning, and society will lose the one institution we have that is
designed to connect parents to children.” – NOM marketing mastermind Frank Schubert, in a money beg for more buses.