“Ex-Gay” Crackpots PFOX Ask Sen. Rob Portman And Wife To Join Their Group

The “ex-gay” crackpots at PFOX, who last month filed a Supreme Court brief against same-sex marriage, have issued a press release that both denounces Sen. Rob Portman and his wife and invites them to join their group. From PFOX head Regina Griggs:

My heart goes out to Sen. Portman and his wife. As the mother of a homosexual child, I understand how Sen. Portman feels. It is not easy, but as a responsible parent I must stand firm in my belief that marriage must remain as that of a man and a woman. To deliberately deny children a mother or father by supporting genderless marriage will create grave consequences. All children do best who live in a society where healthy relationships come from living with and being exposed to both genders. As the executive director of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX), I believe parents do not have to approve of everything their children do and say. Responsible parenting means loving and respecting our children in spite of our differences. Sen. Portman, we invite you to rethink your recent statement and for you and your wife to become honorary members of PFOX. We welcome you with open arms.

We’d love to hear from the “homosexual child” of Regina Griggs.