Tony Perkins: We Don’t Hate You

“At FRC, we hate no one. We actively affirm God’s love for everyone.
We also affirm what we believe to be sound theological and sociological
reasons for upholding sexual morality and preserving marriage as the
institution between one man and one woman. Is this hate? Most
reasonable people would say no. Evidently the Southern Poverty Law
Center disagrees, and under the guise of ‘anti-bullying,’ the SPLC is
willingly fomenting hostility and violence that is jeopardizing the
lives of the people with whom they disagree, just to advance their

“It is time the public sees the SPLC for what they really
are – bullies intent on intimidating and silencing those who oppose
their anti-parent, anti-Christian policies.” – Hate group leader Tony Perkins, who routinely calls all gay men potential pedophiles, whose group has called for the imprisonment of gay Americans, and whose group lobbied in support of Uganda’s proposed gay death penalty, once again lying that the FRC is only on the SPLC’s hate list because of marriage.