Today’s Gay Etiquette Question

From Steven Petrow’s Civil Behavior column in the New York Times comes this question:

Dear Civil Behavior: I recently joined a gay Alcoholics Anonymous meeting after many years denying I had a drinking problem. Now I have a new problem: My birthday is coming up, and every year I throw myself a party to celebrate. This year is a “big” birthday for me, and friends are asking what wild and crazy party I’ll be hosting this time around. Truthfully, I’m uncomfortable hosting a big drinking party this year — I don’t even want to have alcohol in my apartment at all. Should I just cancel it? Or should I host it but serve only nonalcoholic drinks? And what do I tell my friends, many of whom don’t know about my joining A.A.? As a gay man, it feels as if I’m coming out all over again. — Anonymous

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