Teabaggers Target Rep. Aaron Schock

The ultra right-wing Club For Growth announced today that they will put up a primary challenger to closet case Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) because he isn’t teabagger enough. After citing a litany of “liberal votes” made by Schock, the group closes their letter to him with this:

Congressman Schock, your liberal record speaks for itself. You understandably would like to hide the reality that you are a pro-stimulus spending, pro-ObamaCare, pro-debt limit increase, pro-tax increase, pro-labor “Republican”, but all the evidence points to that very fact. Your actions as a member of Congress matter, and because of you and your votes, taxes and debt are higher, ObamaCare is funded, labor bosses receive their handouts and both your constituents and Americans have less economic freedom. Congressman Schock, please stop pretending to be a fiscal conservative. The voters of Illinois’s 18th Congressional District are not blind: they can tell when someone is pretending to be something they’re not.

Interesting last line, eh? Schock’s chief of staff fires back: “Congressman Schock was elected by—and works for—the over 700,000 constituents in the 18th District—not unelected special interest groups based in Washington.”  Some of the comments at the above link are quite amusing.