On Mahony’s Vote For The New Pope

A Catholic magazine is asking its Italian readers if scandal-ridden Cardinal Roger Mahony should be allowed to vote for the next pope.

An influential Italian Catholic magazine asked its readers if Mahony should participate in the conclave. Famiglia Cristiana, one of Italy’s most-read magazines, featured the question on its website Monday asking readers: “Your opinion: Mahony in the conclave: Yes or No?” For Catholics United, an American nonprofit organization, the answer is a resounding “no.” “It’s the right thing to do,” said Andrea Leon-Grossman, a Los Angeles member of Catholics United, in a statement on its website. “In the interests of the children who were raped in his diocese, he needs to keep out of the public eye. He has already been stripped of his ministry. If he’s truly sorry for what has happened, he would show some humility and opt to stay home.”

Archbishop Jose Gomez, who stripped Mahony of his other duties as a Cardinal, has no problem with Mahony voting: “Cardinal Mahony’s accomplishments and experience in the areas of
immigration, social justice, sacred liturgy, and the role of the laity
in the Church will serve the College of Cardinals well as it works to
discern the will of the Holy Spirit in these deliberations that will
lead to the election of our new Pope.”