Jesus Vs Jesus

Six years ago an Italian clothing company miraculously received a US trademark to make clothing bearing the word “Jesus.” And ever since then the lawsuits have been flying. Via the Wall Street Journal:

The owner of the trademark, Jesus Jeans, has clamped down on Jesus-themed apparel, pitting its litigators against more than a dozen other startup clothing lines it claims appropriated “Jesus” without the company’s blessing. The company doesn’t have a trademark on images of Jesus, just the word. Before taking on Jesus Surfed, Jesus Jeans objected to “Jesus First,” “Sweet Jesus,” and “Jesus Couture,” among others, which abandoned their trademark efforts. In some cases, when met with resistance, Jesus Jeans warned that it could sue for damages. Attorneys for Jesus Jeans say they are just trying to protect the value of their brand—no different from Nike’s claim over the winged goddess of victory.

The first ad campaign for Jesus Jeans shocked Italians in the 1970s as it featured denim hot pants and the slogan, “He who loves me, follows me.”