ILLINOIS: State Senate To Vote Thursday On Marriage, Governor Assures Passage

Speaking at the Equality Illinois gala this weekend, Gov. Pat Quinn vowed the full passage of marriage equality. The Illinois Senate, as promised by its president, will vote on their bill on Thursday.

The overwhelming mood at the gala was one of celebration—for Equality Illinois, but also for the successful passing of the gay marriage bill in the Senate Executive Committee, and its upcoming vote in the state Senate Feb. 14. Former state Sen. Carol Ronen was confident that the bill would go before, and pass, in both houses of the legislature. “It looks very good for passing. I think everything you hear is very optimistic,” she told the Windy City Times. Ronen said that organizations likes Equality Illinois were essential in the process. “Everybody has been at the table. Everything has been a great group effort,” she said. The Windy City Times spoke with Rep. Deborah Mell about the upcoming bill, which will go up for a vote in the Senate before going before the house. In 2004, Mell was arrested at a marriage equality protest.”I didn’t even think I was going to be in politics then. To be voting on the bill is really exciting,” she said.

Gov. Quinn: “This week will be a historic week in Illinois. This year we’re going to make and pass a law called Marriage Equality.”