HomoQuotable – Matt Moore

“Despite my recent hypocritical behavior and disobedience to Christ, I
stand firmly in saying that the Word of God, in totality, is true in
every matter it addresses: including the sin of homosexual behavior. In
all of this, the Word of Christ should not be questioned. It is not at
fault, I am. Jesus is a good and loving Savior. He is gracious and
forgiving to all of those who repent and ask Him for forgiveness. But
sin and Jesus cannot be mingled together. I have sinned, and I believe
that Christ has forgiven me because I am repenting….. but if I were to
continue on in sin and refuse to repent, it would be evident that I have
no part with Christ.

“I want to be clear as ever that a true Christian
cannot embrace a lifestyle of sin—specifically here a lifestyle of
homosexuality. I say this so that you all know I’m not changing my
theology and disregarding what the Bible clearly says to make room for
my sinful desires. Rather, I’m asking God to change my heart. And no, I
don’t mean I’m asking him to change my sexual desires. I’m asking Him to
change my heart—-so that whatever my desires may be, I choose Him over
them.” – Matt Moore, writing on his personal blog where he claims that he never hooked-up with any of those guys on Grindr.  Moore also tweeted me last night to say he “never supported or adopted the term ‘ex-gay’.”  He adds that he’ll be telling his Grindr story on the Christian Post, where he blogs against the evils of homosexuality.

Matt Moore: Yes, I Was On Grindr.