Homocons Join GOP Prop 8 Brief

Yesterday we learned that about 75 GOP figures had signed onto a joint Supreme Court brief supporting the overturn of Prop 8.  Today we get the full list of names and note that a number of  well-known homocons have signed on. Most notable, of course, is that the brief itself bears the name of former RNC chairman Ken Mehlman, the homocon mastermind of 21 successful anti-gay state ballot initiatives during the Bush II administration. 

Other homocon brief signees include former Log Cabin head R. Clark Cooper, former UN ambassadors spokesman Richard Grenell (who spent two hot minutes with the Romney campaign before getting canned), former Log Cabin head Patrick Guerriero, former Rep. Michael Huffington,  former Rep. Jim Kolbe, and former MA state Rep. Richard Tisei, who ran unsuccessfully for the US House last year.

RELATED: Last month a separate trio of homocons, David Benkof, Doug Mainwaring, and Robert Oscar Lopez, filed a Supreme Court brief against the repeal of Proposition 8.