From NOM’s Marketing Kingpin

“Imagine if you were on the cusp of the greatest victory of your life — within months of achieving something you’d worked doggedly for years to achieve, something truly worthy of a heroic effort. And even as you could almost feel victory in your hands, your opponent announces that your defeat is inevitable and it’s time for you to quit. Moreover, this story leads the nightly news and fills the daily newspapers day after day.

“Would you give up a virtuous fight because those who oppose you say it’s inevitable you will lose? Of course you wouldn’t! The very notion is outrageous — yet that is the inside out, upside down world we’re served by the media when it comes to the issue of marriage. Inevitability is the great lie of the same-sex marriage movement. It’s one that has been carefully crafted and aggressively spread throughout the media and the culture. But it’s a lie nonetheless.

“Here’s the truth of where we stand with the marriage movement: we are within months of achieving our greatest victory — winning the Roe v. Wade of marriage. They claim that the U.S. Constitution contains an absolute ‘right’ for a man to marry another man or a woman to marry another woman. Moreover, they contend the Constitution has contained this legal right for the past 145 years! Do you think those Americans who adopted the 14th Amendment back in 1868 realized that it was done so that homosexual ‘marriage’ would be accepted as the law of the land? Oh, you don’t? You must be a bigot!” – NOM marketing mastermind Frank Schubert, in today’s emailed money beg.