Erik Rush: Obama Wants Christians Declared Insane And Put In Asylums

“In the former Soviet Union and other totalitarian states, one of the pretexts often used to do away with political dissidents and those otherwise deemed to be threats to national security was to label them as mentally ill and ship them off to an asylum. Sometimes they returned; often they did not, but they were out of the way for as long as was necessary in the capricious mind of the regime, and the citizenry was duly warned that the same could happen to them should they likewise pose such a ‘threat.’  In the case of those who pose the most dire threat to Obama’s designs – Christians – these will certainly be targeted. After all, who more demonstrably epitomizes mental instability in the eyes of the Marxist atheist than those who commune with and rely upon that which is unseen? To the Marxist, God is no more real than Elwood’s ‘Harvey,’ and even more antiquated than the Constitution.” – Wingnut columnist Erik Rush, on what he says will be in the upcoming edition of the APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

PREVIOUSLY ON JMG: In late October last year, Rush wrote a World Net Daily column in which he called for the imprisonment and executions of journalists after Mitt Romney wins the election.