The AFA Hates Gay Bloggers

Think Progress, The New Civil Rights Movement, Right Wing Watch, how
many other places, how many supported groups in what Bryan Fischer has
aptly named the Big Gay movement, think themselves wiser, smarter, more
proficient in life than God almighty or the great Apostle Paul. For they
take anybody, even pastor Louie Giglio, with the influence that this
man has in the world today, they think that anybody, even this man, if
they say what the Bible says about homosexuality that they are a
dangerous, lying, hateful individual and you should shun them. Make no
mistake about it church, that’s where we are today. We are at the place,
maybe we’re not thrown in jail for it like pastor Youcef Nadarkhani in
Iran, maybe we’re not slaughtered or beheaded for it yet, but make no
mistake about it, if you stand and proclaim what the word of God says
about certain things, primarily about homosexuality, you are going to be
ostracized, you are going to be mocked and ridiculed, you are going to
be called names, you are going to be marginalized and you are going to
be cast out.” – American Family Association radio host Buster Wilson, saying that nobody is more hateful than the above-named blogs. Nobody? Dammit.