Petition Of The Day

From Equality California:

When the President acknowledges your love during his inaugural address, when he makes your equality a benchmark of America’s promise, when he draws commonality from our struggle for dignity and justice to Seneca Falls and Selma, it is impossible not to surge with gratitude and wonder at the progress we have made within the span of a generation.

But, as President Obama said, our journey is not complete. We cannot yet enjoy the freedoms promised; while we can see the hill, we can’t yet rest there.  For all of us who heard those powerful words yesterday, thankful and hopeful, we can now help President Obama take the next step on our journey, a journey that is incomplete until all Americans can marry the person that they love.

Please, take a moment and urge President Obama to file an amicus brief in Hollingsworth v. Perry, the Proposition 8 case. He knows that this is the path the country must take to achieve the promise of equality; take a moment to encourage his hand to follow his heart.

Sign the petition.