NY Assembly Passes Gun Bill

The New York Assembly today followed yesterday’s action by the state Senate in approving the bill that is being described as the nation’s strongest gun control measure.

Openly gay Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell cheers via press release:

We as a community are still reeling from our overwhelming losses in Webster, NY and Newtown, CT. Even one injury or death from gun-related violence is too many, and last year our country felt the shock and grief these events bring all too frequently. Passing today’s legislation was the least my colleagues and I could do to honor the memory of those lost in 2012, and I am proud that we came together to do so.

I want to thank Governor Cuomo for including in the SAFE Act elements of a bill of mine I have long championed. This section of the bill will require that gun licenses be revoked and/or suspended from individuals subject to an order of protection. With this new safeguard and many other common-sense changes to gun safety laws, our government has proven the strength of its commitment to the security and well-being of all its citizens.