Alliance Defense Fund Seeks Donations

The Alliance Defense Fund is seeking donations to train the coming crop of anti-gay attorneys. (I may have tweaked the above image.)

RELATED: In March 2011 the ADF inducted Lisa Biron into their “Honor Corps.”

Congratulations to allied attorneys Geoffrey Westmoreland, Kevin Snider, Mike Tierney, Rick Macias, Steve Sanders, Stephen Casey, Greg Terra, Steve Whiting, Steve Amjad, Steve Fitschen, Tim Swickard, as well as new Honor Corps members, Albertos Polizogopoulos and Lisa Biron, for their recent accomplishments and successes. Alliance Defending Freedom has created the Honor Corps to recognize those allied attorneys who have completed 450 hours of pro bono service, and offers special awards in recognition of significant milestones in reported service.

ALSO RELATED: Back in November, blogger Ed Brayton said we shouldn’t be so quick to tie Lisa Biron around the ADF’s neck.

Point to it as yet another example of an anti-gay, “pro-family” Christian covering up their sexual predation? Absolutely. But the “association” with the ADF is pretty weak here. It appears that she was the local attorney who worked with them on a single case. She didn’t work for them, she was involved in a single case. The ADF works just like the ACLU does in this regard, contracting with a local “cooperating attorney” to handle such cases. If an attorney in Keokuk, Iowa who once worked with the ACLU on a single case was caught doing something terrible, we would find it ridiculous if someone said that proved something bad about the ACLU; the same is true here. Hammer her, but the ADF has no real connection to this.

Does 450 hours of work, the equivalent of over eleven weeks, qualify as an “staffer” even if that work was done for free?