Tenthers Want Feds Out Of Marriage

The anti-gay Faith & Freedom Institute has issued a press release asking Christian Tenthers to support their petition to block all federal courts, including SCOTUS, from making any rulings on same-sex marriage. The petition reads:

We petition the Obama Administration to ask Congress to deny the US Supreme Court and all federal courts jurisdiction concerning same-sex marriage.  The President should propose legislation to the Congress to remove from the US Supreme Court and lower federal courts jurisdiction concerning the issue of same-sex marriage. The US Constitution gives this power to Congress in Article III, Sections 1 and 2. Also see Federalist Paper 80.  The Tenth Amendment clearly intended issues concerning marriage to be left to the States or to the people.   Sadly, the issue of same-sex marriage has deeply divided the American People. Honorable Americans on both sides of this issue have strong feelings concerning this matter.  We believe for the sake of national unity that the issue of same-sex marriage should not be decided by unelected members in the federal judiciary. We think that good judgment and wisdom demands that this issue be left to the American People.