San Diego Pride Considers New Name

The theme of the this year’s San Diego Pride Festival was “America’s Pride,” a fitting selection as their parade featured the first-ever appearance of uniformed members of the military, much to the anger of our enemies.  Most major pride organizations adopt an annual theme; for example, this year’s theme in New York City was “Share The Love.” But according to a recently-launched petition, San Diego Pride’s board of directors wants to change their actual name to America’s Pride.

During the San Diego Pride Board Retreat in October of 2012 Joe Meyer introduced a motion to change the name of the “San Diego Pride Festival ” to “America’s Pride” with an alternating theme and the Board voted to approve the motion 5 to 2. We feel that that after the turn of events in 2010, it was established that San Diego Pride belongs to the San Diego LGBT Community and that Board and its staff are just the custodians of the event, and that something as drastic as changing the identity of the event should have been a decision brought up to and discussed by the community.

The petition isn’t necessarily against the name change, just the manner in which it may happen.  Judging by some chatter I read last night on Facebook, even San Diegans feel the new name is a bit grandiose. (Tipped by JMG reader Aaron)