Petition Of The Day

Wall Street Journal columnist James Taranto is supporting the teabagger petition drive to deport CNN host Piers Morgan for daring to speak in favor of gun control.  The wingnut Daily Caller captured a Twitter exchange between the two:

“Ironic U.S. gun rights campaign to deport me for ‘attacking 2nd Amendment rights’ – is my opinion not protected under 1st Amendment rights?,” Morgan tweeted. “Your opinion is protected, your presence in the U.S. is not. See Kleindienst v. Mandel (1972),” Taranto replied to Morgan. Taranto linked to transcripts from a 1972 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that the U.S. Attorney General’s refusal to allow a foreign journalist into the United States did not violate the First Amendment. The case resulted from Nixon administration attorney general Richard Kleindienst’s refusal to grant a temporary nonimmigrant visa to Marxist Belgian journalist Ernest Mandel. Taranto’s tweet was praised by Twitter users who would like to send Morgan back to his native land.

The residents of Teabagistan sure have their priorities in order.