Gay Couple Wins Amazing Race

Via Hollywood Reporter:

The Amazing Race season 21 has crowned a winner. Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge, goat farmers and life partners from Sharon Springs, N.Y., won the $1 million prize in CBS’ reality competition. The duo were considered underdogs for most of the race, having never won a challenge and even coming in last in a non-elimination leg. But they prevailed in Sunday’s two-hour finale part thanks in part to their performance in a memory challenge at the end of the race. Josh and Brent beat out the teams of Lexi Beerman and Trey Wier, a couple from Texas, and James Davis and Jaymes Vaughan, Chippendale dancers and best friends from Las Vegas, to take home the prize.

UPDATE: My apology for the spoiler, but since the winners were announced on all the major networks and news sites this morning and were interviewed on CNN etc, it didn’t occur to me that the some of you would take offense.