Family Research Council: NYC Is Paying The Price For Sex Education

Via press release from the Family Research Council:

New York City distributes more condoms, performs more abortions, and engages in more explicit sex education than almost any region in the country. Earlier this year, the city even launched a test program called CATCH, Connecting Adolescents to Comprehensive Healthcare, which gives high school students the option of getting regular birth control injections, the morning-after pill, and condoms at their schools without ever calling parents.

And what has the city gotten for its trouble? Thousands more sexually-related diseases — most of them incurable, and all of them expensive. According to the CDC, a single case of HIV costs $400,000 to treat over a lifetime. But instead of discouraging promiscuity, the U.S. is pouring millions of dollars into STD treatments — all because the government doesn’t want to confront people about the dangers of premarital sex. In this age of “sexual freedom,” our culture — and now our tax dollars — are promoting sexual activity with anyone at any time with complete disregard for the physical toll. It’s as if sex were the new constitutional right.

The press release claims that “one-third of NYC neighborhoods are in the top 20% for residents with multiple STDs,” implying that the referenced 20% is from a survey done nationwide. In fact, the survey was for New York City only.  But according to the Family Research Council, New Yorkers are slutty and diseased compared to the rest of the nation. There truly is nothing they won’t lie about.